Roasted British Asparagus with Chilli & Lime Butter

Roasted British Asparagus with Chilli and Lime Butter

Cooking time: 8 minutes
Preparation time: 5 minutes

Serves: 4

You’ll need: 
100g butter
1 red chilli, deseeded and finely diced
2 tbs fresh coriander, finely chopped
½ tsp cumin seeds, roughly ground
juice ½ lime
2 bundles British asparagus
Salt and pepper for seasoning
1 lime for garnish

What to do:
Bring the butter to room temperature then mix in the chilli, coriander, ground cumin and lime juice, add a good twist of black pepper then place onto a sheet of clingfilm. Roll into a sausage shape then chill in the fridge.

Trim the ends of the asparagus and place on a roasting tray, drizzle with some oil, season and roast in an oven set at 200°c / 180°c fan for 6-8 minutes.

Place the asparagus spears onto serving plates and top with a slice of the butter, serve with a wedge of lime.